Estimated costs involved in treatment

The costings around implant restoration from different practitioners are well documented on the internet. A quick 'google' search will bring many results. Without clarity of what you get for your money , it is hard for a patient to make an informed decision when choosing which practitioners to go with for their restoration.

At Dental Implants Illawarra, we wish to remove the confusion and uncertainty on what you get. In order to get an estimated price for the treatment costs, please fill out the form below. This will ensure that we give you an accurate estimate and we are able to meet your personal needs.


Although there are many brands and quality of dental implants available, we will not compromise on patient safety, quality and the overall restoration we give to our patients, therefore only high end dental implants and TGA approved materials are used. On top of this, all restorations are made in Australia, and are not sent overseas to any unregulated dental laboratories. 

Feel free to book a consultation in order to discuss any questions and issues you may have.

Dental Implant cost estimate

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