Platelet-Rich Fibren (PRF)

Dental Implants Illawarra are the only Dental Implant Clinic in the Illawarra to offer the Platelet Rich Fibren (PRF) service to their patients. This places us at the forefront of Dental Implant technology, utilising scientifically tried and tested healing methods which benefit our patients.

The main benefit of PRF is that the recovery and healing process following dental surgery is faster, and the risk of post-surgical complications, such as infections, implant failures, and even pain is lessened.  Patients have even reported the absence of pain completely post surgery when implementing treatment with PRF.  There is a noticeable improvement and quicker healing of the region treated with this method. This technique is not just limited to the use in dentistry, but is used in many fields of medicine such as burns, dermatology, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

This process can be used on most patients.  It is especially recommended for those with healing problems, people who smoke, and even diabetics.

A quick 'google' search will result in many studies showing that PRF can accelerate bone regeneration in artificial defects and improve the integration of titanium dental implants into a patients bone.

What is PRF technology?

It is a technology that aids in bone and gum tissue regeneration.  PRF is an acronym for Platelet-Rich Fibren.  When we suffer an injury, the human body releases proteins to stimulate the repair of that injury.

The latest advances in medicine are increasingly leading to the adoption of new minimally invasive therapies and procedures. In this respect, PRF has opened new paths and therapeutic approaches thanks to its accessibility and reparative capacity.