Implant Retained Dentures / Bridges

​If you are missing teeth due to gum disease, an injury, or even poor dental health, a dental implant may assist you in restoring your smile, bite and confidence. 

  • Have you always had problems with your teeth,or simply been unhappy with your smile?

  • Are your teeth always sore, broken, decayed or loose?

  • Do your dentures move and cause pain or have they never fit well?

  • Every time you go to the dentist is there always something wrong?

  • Are you sick of wasting money on bad or hopeless teeth?

It may be time to turn it all around. If your teeth have always bothered you and you have never found a solution. Implant retained dentures and bridges may be the answer you have been looking for.

Implant retained dentures are a cost effective way to replace all of your teeth or dentures with a full bridge that is usually supported by as little as four implants. The technique is much more economic than conventional implant bridges.

Remove denture adhesive from your daily routine

Many people rely on the temporary assistance of denture adhesive to keep their dentures in place throughout the day. Unfortunately, they still find it difficult to eat what they want as the denture adhesive wears down and and dissolves in the short space of a few hours. 

The added issues of excess adhesive being left on the dentures, and on the gums of the patients mouth makes it an added inconvenience.  Although denture adhesive may help many people achieve some form of denture retention compared to not wearing denture adhesive, some downfalls include:

  • Denture adhesives require to be reapplied at intervals in order to maintain their effectiveness.

  • Some tasks are beyond even the strongest of denture adhesives.

  • Hot meals and drinks have a tendency to melt the adhesive away.

  • Dentures still have a tendency to move as the adhesive is not a permanent solution,

  • The excess adhesive left on dentures need to be cleaned vigorously as a buildup of hardened glue will lead to sore spots on your gums. 

  • People who rely on denture adhesives may not be able to use their dentures without them, and as a result, may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation if they have run out of denture adhesive. 

With as little as 2 dental implants for your full bottom denture, and 4 implants for your full top denture, we are able to completely remove the need to wear denture adhesive, as the the implants are used to retain the denture in the mouth. There is no need for cleaning excess denture adhesive out of your mouth and denture, and a hot cup of coffee wont melt the glue away! 

Dental Implants Illawarra have models on hand to show you how dental implants work, and how much retention you can expect from their use. Feel free to book in for a free dental implant consultation and see how we are able to remove the need for denture adhesive from your daily routine. 

Please visit our IMPLANT PACKAGES page for more details, and a cost estimate.

Removable & Fixed solutions

A removable prosthesis, as the name suggests, is able to be removed from the mouth by the patient. The force required to remove it can be adjusted, but rest assured, that the prosthesis will only come out when you want it, unlike conventional dentures which are not retained in the mouth by implants and can be easily dislodged by the tongue, cheeks and lips.

A fixed prosthesis is unable to be removed by the patient, as it is screwed into the implants. The only way it is able to be removed, is by a dentist. 

At Dental Implants Illawarra, we will always help you find the best solution for your needs. We work with every patient individually to assess their requirements and determine which prosthesis would be most effective for you, so choosing the solution which best suits your needs and wants is more than just a personal choice. Feel free to book a consultation and speak to us regarding your options, costs involved, and procedures needed. 


Fixed Bridge - 4 Implants

Supported by the 4 implants


Removable Denture - 4 Implants

Supported by the 4 implants


Removable Denture - 2 Implants

Retained by the 2 implants, but the denture is supported by the gums