Dental Implant Benefits

There are many reasons as to why someone should get Dental Implants to replace any missing teeth. This page lists a few points in how Dental Implants can help such patients.

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Implant-supported dentures/bridges

Many people complain of a wide variety of complications with their dentures. Poor fit, sores in their mouths, sunken lips, and food restrictions. If you wear dentures, you can get a fixed, permanent solution with implant-supported dentures. There are various procedures available and some even support a full arch of prosthetic teeth with as few as four implants.

We recommend a wide range of denture on implant procedures, such as the widely popular 'All-on-4' which is a procedure that provides patients with a fixed bridge attached to a minimum of 4 implants. Other procedures are implant retained dentures/bridges, which although are well anchored into your mouth, they also offer the ability to remove them.

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Conserve your jawbone

If you choose to place a fixed bridge instead of getting a dental implant, your jawbone will eventually begin to deteriorate underneath the missing tooth. This occurs because you don't receive adequate stimulation to the bone without a tooth root. The same occurs with dentures that are not implant-supported. The longer you wait to get dental implants, the more likely it is that your jawbone may lack the integrity to get implants in the future without a dental bone graft.


Stop your teeth from shifting into the empty space

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will eventually begin moving to fill in the space. This can cause a number of dental complications. Unevenly spaced or crowded teeth are harder to keep clean and could cost you a fortune down the road in orthodontic care. Placing a dental implant now will keep your teeth properly spaced and make it easy to keep them clean.


Preserve your appearance

When your jawbone begins to deteriorate because of missing teeth, it often causes your face to appear sunken in. This can make you look years older than you are. This is why people with dentures often complain of having thin lips and sunken cheeks. Dental implant posts provide the stimulation your body needs to produce dense, healthy jawbone material and keep your face looking full and youthful.